Dinner meeting with delegation of Guangzhou, June 13, 2006

Dear all,

A total of 12 members of delegation of Guangzhou, China, leaded by Yuan He Lin, Deputy Party Secretary, will visit Silicon Valley on next Tuesday, June 13, 2006.

Delegation members would like to meet with local IT/Bio Tech talents, and some Chinese association leaders to promote business and career opportunities in the city of Guangzhou, also they would like to invite local talents to join the opportunities in the city.

The dinner meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday, June 13, 2006, from 6:30 pm 9:00 pm at

Kirin Seafood Restaurant
485 Castro Street
Mountain View, CA 94041
Tel.: (650) 965-1059

We have only 25 seats available, so please contact me ASAP if you would like to join the dinner meeting with Guangzhou Delegation.

Best regards!
Shengheng Lin
(650) 868-1017


1. 林元和 广州市委副书记
2. 刘悦伦 广州开发区管委会副主任
3. 蔡刚强 广州科技局局长
4. 余耀胜 广州市委组织部副部长
5. 刘东豪 广州市市委秘书
6. 陈凌 广州生物医药与健康研究院院长
7. 洪谦 广州开发区经发局投资科科长
8. 洪汉松 广州开发区工业发展集团公司总经理
9. 崔新宇 广州开发区建设发展集团公司总经理
10. 林继红 广州医药集团副董事长
11. 傅和亮 广州天普药业有限公司董事长
12. 何蕴韶 广州达安基因有限公司董事长