UCAA donations help China earthquake survivors

Relief efforts continue to pour into China to help those affected by the Sichuan earthquake on 5/12. After contacting American Red Cross, UCAA initiated donation calls for 5/12 China Earthquake Relief 2008 of Red Cross Society of China by American Red Cross at 11:00 pm on 5/12. Many of our Alumni members sent donations through different channels including 2008 Sichuan Earthquake Relief Committee by Oversea Chinese via SVTN 501(c)(3) platform, SJTU-SV China Earthquake Relief Fund via SJTU-SV 501(c)(3) platform, companies with gift-matching donation, and China General Consulate of SF, etc.

In addition, some of alumni members sent check or credit card donations to Mr. Bingliang Chen, our Treasurer. We have transferred donations to American Red Cross and total is $8,680.00 so far. The first mail was sent to American Red Cross on 5/21 (certified mail 7008 0500 0000 3418 3478) and the second one was sent on 6/7 (certified mail 7005 2570 0000 1874 0945). Please see the list of donors from 北京师范大学美西校友会, 华东师范大学北加州校友会, 北加州复旦校友会, 华中理工大学北加州校友会, 吉林大学硅谷校友会, 上海交通大学硅谷校友会, 华南理工大学美国校友会, 东南大学硅谷校友会, 厦门大学北加州校友会, 北美浙江大学北加州校友会 and Computrust Software.

Xingchao Yuan, Jie Yu, Zheng Jin, Wen Yuan, Hong Chen, James Chen, Ye Zhu, Minmin Yu, Fulin Pan, Haiying Shi, Bing Wang, Dongqing Cao,
Ting Liu, Sunliang Liang, Junmi Lin, Li Wang, Xiaolin Yin, Yun Long Zhu, Huifang Li, Steve Lin, Bingyan Guo, Yonghong Shen, Yunsheng Wang,
Min Chen, William Murry, Xiaoling Hui, Yu Yang, Ying Li, Yiqiao Wu, Huoyi Zhang, Robert P Martin, Marty L Martin, Binfan Liu, Yubing Peng,
Jing W Dai, Jicheng Ye, Xiao Xiao, Jing Ding, Lijiang Li, Qiang Zeng, Sasha Li, Michael Liu, Li Zhao, Joyce Zhong, Yiping Ge, Chuchu Chen, Lily Yee,
and the following Chinese friends - Sarika Alrekav, Patricia Ksadate, Ravi Suribhatla, Jack A Ketola, Anthony Kessel

As promised on 5/12, we'll send a donation summary back to your organization in separate email. Thanks for all the contributions towards helping Sichuan Earthquake victims.

[New update] The American Red Cross announced that it is doubling its contributions to the disaster from $10 million to $20 million. The American Red Cross is also preparing to send a relief delegate to China for six months to support the Chinese Red Cross in managing the effective delivery of relief assistance. The American Red Cross response to the earthquake has been bolstered by generous contributions from more than 80,000 individuals and 60 corporations.

We will stop accepting donation mails from June 30th. For further donations to 5/12 China Earthquake Relief 2008, please visit website at American Red Cross China Earthquake Relief, you can use credit card to donate, $10 minimum.

Thank you again for your generosity and strong support to help China Sichuan survivors.

Jicheng Ye
President of UCAA