Seminar - "Cracking the College Myth"
The seminar video can be found here - http://vimeo.com/4794717

Dear All,

Please kindly forward this email to your organization.

It's that time of the year again: high school seniors know where they are going after this last semester in high school.

We are proudly to share with you an exciting news: Nancy Xie will be attending Harvard University this fall on a full scholarship!

Nancy is daughter of Fan Xie, a graduate of Department of Chinese Literature of Zhongshan University (a.k.a. Sun Yat-Sen University).

"What makes her a successful candidate for Harvard?"
"It's not about the old myth of GPA and SATs. Then what IS it about?"
"What are colleges looking for in an application?"
"How does the parents' way of upbringing contribute to shaping who the child is today?"
"Can I learn some 'secret sauce' from her to help my kids?"
"Can I learn from her parents more about her?

If you are curious about her achievement and questions like the above pop up in your mind, you are cordially invited to attend an education seminar,

"Cracking the College Myth"

It is a discussion forum where you will have plenty of opportunities to interact with Nancy and her parents in an informal setting via Q&A.

Host: SYSUAA-NC: Sun Yat-Sen University Alumni Association - Northern California

Co-host: UCAA-NC: United Chinese Alumni Assocition - Northen California,

Sponsor: Sun Microsystems, and Sun's ADN: Asian Diversity Network.

Details about the seminar can be found below as well as in the attached event flyer:


Sun Microsystems Menlo Park campus
Building 11, Crossroads Conference Room
11 Network Circle, Menlo Park, CA 94025


1:30pm - 4:30pm, Saturday, May 16th, 2009

1) Send email to info@olixus.com , with

Subject: RSVP education seminar, May 16, 2009
email body including:
total # of people:
name(s) (adults):
name(s) (kids):
feedback / suggestion:

2) Register on line and join the education seminar community at: http://www.olixus.net:53080/twiki/bin/view/Main/EducationSeminar if you are also interested in future education  seminars.

Please note:
1) Details about online registration:

- Please create a user name and password to register and join the community if this is your first time to attend the Education Seminar series.

* You will receive a confirmation email after authorized and accepted to the group
* You will have full access to edit your attendance information once you are
accepted to the group.

- Please specify the name of each adult and the name of each kid under age 18 as a security badge is needed for every individual attending the seminar.

* High schoolers are prefered as younger kids may not enjoy as much.

- Please indicate you are a Sun employee in addition to the alumni university name in the 'Organization' column. For example,

* "Sun / SYSUAA-NC (Zhongshan University)"  needs to be specified if you currently work at Sun.

* Otherwise, "SYSUAA-NC (Zhongshan University) is good enough

** This is required since non-Sun employee needs a temp security badge while current Sun employee can use the Sun badge to attend the seminar.

2) Details about attending the seminar:

- Please arrive a bit earlier so that we can have a prompt start at 1:30pm.
* The door opens at 1pm and volunteers are there at 1pm
- Please bring ID if you are an adult.
- Kids need to be accompanied by at least one adult.
- Sun will offer "Students get in free to JavaOne".

Please find attached the event flyer and Sun's JavaOne Flyer. Seats are limited. Please RSVP asap.