UCAA Leadership Development Seminar


我们收到一些电话询问关于这次leadership development活动情况,特此作进一步的说明。

倪教授是CAAEN(Corporate Asian American Employee Network) leadership training program的多年讲员,有非常好的口碑。
由于名额限制,请大家尽早报名。报名请寄邮件到 ucaasignup@gmail. com,请包括您的校友会名字和参加人员姓名。

Dear Fellow Leaders,

This is our first leadership development seminar for leaders of our member associations.

Topic:  "Communication Success and Challenges for Chinese American Leaders"
Speaker: Prof Preston Ni

Preston Ni is a professor, coach, trainer, and course designer in the areas of professional communication, cross-cultural understanding, interpersonal effectiveness, and organizational change. Since 1990, thousands of participants have benefited from his dynamic and powerful courses. He has worked with companies including Fortune 500 stalwarts Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, Intel, Visa, and eBay, as well as coached executives, managers, and private individuals on identifying the catalyst for igniting organizational and personal success.
Prof. Ni received a Master of Science Degree in Business Administration, and is tenured faculty of the Communication Studies Department at Foothill College in Silicon Valley, California. He holds a certificate in the Management Development Program at Harvard University. Preston is the featured columnist of Asian Week's Leadership Success Series, appeared twice on the television show China Crosstalk, and has been featured on the KTSF evening news. He is the recipient of the Diversity Leadership Award in Teaching and Learning, and the inaugural recipient of the Silicon Valley Speak-Up Distinguished Speaker of the Year award.
Prof. Ni is the author of How to Communicate Effectively and Handle Difficult People and Communication Success with Four Personality Types. He is also keynote speaker on the DVD program Cross-Cultural Communication: East and West, featured on the Business and Technology Network and the National Technological University Network.

Time: April 3rd, 2010 11am -- 2pm
Place: Fenwick's Mountain View Office (801 California St., Mountain View, California 94041)

Xi'an Hi-tech Industries Development Zone (Xi'an HTDZ)
Fenwick's Law Firm Mountain View Office

11:00 am --11:30 am Sign in and social
11:30 am --1:00 pm Seminar
1:00 pm -- 2:00 pm lunch and social

Sign up for the event:
Each alumni association can have up to 2 attendees for free. 
We recommend the president of each association to sign up with your alumni association name and list of names of attendees.
Each organization is also welcome to bring in more participants (up to 8) with a payment of $100 to UCAA. 
Please send your sign-up emails to ucaasignup@gmail. com before 4/1 midnight.

Best Regards,

UCAA 2010 executive teams:
Qing Zhu, Lei Xu, Hui Shen, and Boyan Zhang
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