UCAA 年刊 年会/新春庆祝会

UCAA Annual Meeting Program Flyer, Yearly Report and Event Photos

Dear Alumni Association Leaders/Representatives,
Please start the year book entry for your alumni association if you haven't done so. Let me know if you have any questions. The Year book-  we will come up with pdf version first, if we have enough donation (>$2500) raised, we can publish them. (See UCAA Yearbook Template here)
Also for the first annual UCAA Conference/New Year Celebration Party, Li, Shuo and I (John was out of town) have done the site visit last Sunday and we all like the place. They (City of Cupertino) can setup 32 round tables with 9 persons/table for the event. The cost per person will be $10 including lunch and drink.
Time: 2/14 Saturday, starting from 12:00pm signup/social time, lunch, conference, then talent show until 3:00pm
Location: Cupertino's Quinlan Center Community Center
Address: 10185 North Stelling Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014

Your alumni association doesn't have to present a talent show but you'll have more fun if there is one. The total event capacity is 300 people.
Please go to Sign-up website to register so first register first serve can be done.
Please mail me and Li Wang your choice of programs, and send yearbook entry to Shi Lin < xx04@hotmail.com > .
Thank you very much!


谢谢您们的大力支持,这次选举/年会筹备会有22人出席,代表了校联会中的18个学校校友会进行投票。十一个被提名的2009 – 2010年度理事候选学校全部当选,新的会长/副会长由中山大学北加州校友会的陈硕及中国科技大学硅谷校友会的胡荣湘担任。在此,我谨代表2008 - 2009年度的理事会向新一届的会长/副会长,及各位理事们表示衷心的祝贺,预祝校联会更上一层楼!


Please see the attached word doc template for each school’s yearbook entry. With template, it is easier for you to edit. You can change the frame size by dragging the boarder line to fit your content there. When we compile the whole yearbook, we will remove the frames to make it a better look. Feel free to use Chinese or English but Chinese is preferred. Please let me know if you have questions on the template.

The entry for each school contains two pages. The second page is to post pictures. Hope it won’t take too much time from you. This is the chance to get your alumni association aware by boarder audiences. Please email you alumni association' s entry by 1/26/2009 to 华南理工大学美国校友会的林仕
<xx04@hotmail.com>. He is the chief editor of our 2008 UCAA yearbook.

同时,我们第一次尝试举办我们自己的年会及新春庆祝会,希望大家为了活跃自己的节日气氛,展现自己校友会的魅人风采,拿出自己的拿手好戏,不论是唱歌、跳 舞,或者是相声、小品,还是诗朗诵、器乐演奏;或者随便说个笑话都很欢迎。总之,我们的主题就是节日快乐,轻松愉快,笑口常开。为了我们快乐的节日,只要能活跃气氛的节目,就是好节目。

kevin_ye98@yahoo.com and liwang3l@yahoo.com 。You may want to include couple sentence of introduction about the performer or your organization.

Thanks for your continuous support!
Kevin, Li, Shuo, John