Dear all,
On behave of  the organizing committee, I deeply appreciate all of your support and hard working to make the Chinese Moon Festival and China National Day Celebration on 9/29/07 at Mission College another successful event. Attached please see some newspaper articles delivering very positive message to the public.
I'd like to specifically recognize the tremendous voluntary help by the following people. The list may not be conclusive as there are so many contributors in the last couple of weeks. Please let me know if I miss anybody.
Performance organizers: Wang Li, Yu JinJiang, Liu Zhuo
Stage set-up and Coordination: Zhu Hua, Ann Woo
Event organization: Peng Cheng, Zhao Miangang, Shi Steve
Sponsorship: Lin Shengheng
Booth Setup and Plan: Tang Jiwu
Media Release: Jin Ying, Meng Yao, Ou Ou, Wang Yan
Flyer /Program: Zhu Hua and Wang Li
Recognition Award: Chen BingLiang
Audio/Video: Shen Hui, Wu Yuxiang, Shi Yongxia
Security: Ye Jicheng, Zhang Jinqiu
Water Supply/on-site security: Wang Kefei
Treasurer: Zhang Chun
We will have a thank-you lunch or dinner soon to collect feedbacks and suggestions in order to improve our future events.
Also we need to close this event financially. Our treasurer, Zhang Chun, sent out an email for reimbursing expenses on 10/1. Please follow the instruction to send your receipts.  
Thanks and best regards,
Junzhao Lei
United Chinese Alumni Associations (UCAA)


聯歡會會場設在米慎學院(Mission College)體育館。出席人士包括駐舊金山中國總領事館總領事彭克玉及參贊沈陽、聖他克拉拉縣議員馬修(Pete McHugh)以及觀七百多人。