Dear all,

Thanks to everyone's contributions, the 2007 National Day and Moon Festival Celebration was another success!  This year's performance was held at the same place in Santa Clara Mission College.  Thanks to all the valuable professional advice from our artists and hard work from volunteers.

It is my pleasure to take this opportunity to thank all performers and groups for their excellent performances.

The on-stage program began at 2:45 PM, following the General Consulate Mr. Peng and the VIP's speech.  Over 80 talented performers representing 14 organizations performed 18 outstanding shows, including but not limited to:

- Mr. Sun Bang Chun, the famous Chinese Violin (Er Hu) master played extremely well.  The audience was so amazed by not only his skill, but his passionate, friendly and open style.  After his first piece, Xiao Cheng Gu Shi, the audience demanded an encore so he finished with Sai Ma.  It's no surprise that the Mayor of San Francisco, Mr. Newsom named October 1st as Sun BangChun Day.

- Austin Lee, Cathy Yuan and Joyse Zhong presented their award winning piece “Happy Snow”, which won the
Platinum Trophy at the 2007 Junior Division of the Dance USA national finals in Las Vegas. Their graceful and beautiful dancing moved the entire audience.

- The audience warmly welcomed Liu Xin and Zhou GuoQuan's deut.  Their perfectly matching voices were perfect for their song Chang Jian Zhi Ge

- An American girl sang a Beijing Opera that surprised everyone.  Her clear voice and perfect Chinese accent was unbelievable, making many of us wanting to improve our own English!

- The San Francisco Music Society joyfully played the popular piece Little Word, which attracted all the children and young adults.
- Dr. Hui Min performed the traditional piece Ping Shu, which gave the older generations a chance to see it. 
- Bayland, HongYe and the SV Chorus Dancing Groups danced gracefully in colorful costumes

- The USA Shaolin Temple performed breath taking Shao Lin Gong Fu.  One of their spectacular acts involved throwing a needle through glass and popping a ballon

- Taiwanese native singer Rose Wen's song was so powerful, everyone stood up and danced along with her

Many thanks to our outstanding professional MC Liu Zhuo and Luo YiQing for making
the transitions smooth and flawless.

The off stage children's program started outside the Gym around 1 PM.  It attracted a lot of "little friends".
The jump house was filled with kids throughout the day.  The riddles were challenging yet fun, and even the adults had a hard time.  Other fun games were not easy to beat either. 2008 Beijing Olympic souvenirs are the hot prizes.

Many thanks to:
Wen Feng (Beijing Normal Univ) for arranging the jump house and games,
Zhou Meiling and his staff (United Youth Enrichment School
联合中文学校) for providing the riddles and games.
Wang KeFii and his 8 team members (Sichuan Univ & Zhong Ke da) for setting up and supervising the games, as well as on call duty - they were helping everywhere as needed,

Special thanks to

- Yu JingJiang (Star Bridge) & Ann Woo (CPAA), stage supervisors and provided professional advice

- Zhu Hua (SFBA Yan Xin Life Science), flyer designer and editor, .

- Jin Ying Peking University), Meng Yao (Xian Jiao da) and Wang Yan,  promotional writers and editors
- Ou Ou, our long term supporter of media promotion
- Chen BingLiang, (HuaDong ShiDa), prepared framed appreciation certificates for the performers. Nina Zhang, delivered the certificates on site.

- Shi YongXia, and Wu Yuxiang (Beijing Normal Univ) and Peng Cheng (Fu Dan Univ), created power point program introduction,

- Zhu Hua (SF Life Science) and Ann Woo (CPAA), facility rental, stage design and time consuming coordination related works
- Shen Hui (Shanghai Chinese Medicine Univ), in charge of sound system
- Ye Jicheng, Zhang Jinqiu (Zhe Da) in charge of security

- Zhang Chun (Beijing Normal Univ), our outstanding treasurer with high standard

- The Chinese Consulate of Education for their continued strong support, as well as providing a whole box of great prizes including 2008 Olympic souvenirs, which made the riddle and games the hot spots for adults and children.
- Volunteers from Gui Zhou Zu Jin Hui for their generous, thoughtful and hard work on the booth displays, and all the back stage heroes who worked hard for months in order to make this event possible. Forgive me for not being able to list all your names here, but thank you, thank you!
Finally, thanks to
- Lei Junzhao for his hard work in coordinating this event and making it a huge success!
Best regards,

Wang Li (BNU)